Online Sessions

Beginning in July 2015, Wise Hypnotherapy will go completely online offering effective online video sessions. My experience with online sessions are that they can be more effective than in-person sessions. Online sessions allow you to work on solutions using hypnosis at the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Call me at 720-984-2271 or click the Contact Me button at the top of the page to discover how hypnotherapy sessions can help you to transform your life.


Wise Hypnotherapy specializes in:

  • Weight Loss and Nutrition Coaching
  • *Pain Management Using Hypnosis
  • *Symptom Relief of other Health Related Issues
  • Stress Relief
  • *Sleep Improvement

*A referral from your physician will most likely be needed. Call me or make an appointment for a free 20 minute consultation and let's talk about it.


I went through a period of a few months where my energy levels had hit an all time low. I didn't have the energy to get through my work day, let alone try to exercise. And I really had no idea why I was feeling so bad. I had had blood work done, seen my acupunturist, and consulted with multiple other health practitioners yet I was unable to locate the cause of my fatigue or find a remedy. In my first session with Sue, she guided me in figuring out why my subconscious was keeping me so tired. We were immediately able to talk to the part of my subconscious that was controlling my energy levels and negotiate a plan of action to get that energy restored. My physical as well as mental energy and enthusiasm came back almost immediately after our first session. I highly recommend Wise Hypnotherapy as a first line treatment in finding your level of optimal.

Stephanie Amspaugh, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, CHHC


Sue Wise did a wonderful hypnotherapy session with me that gave me confidence in speaking in front of people. It was a very enjoyable and enlightening experience that I will always remember and take with me.
-Mark Hopkins RPSGT

I have found Sue's techniques to be very effective and I have enjoyed the results. I appreciated Sue's compassion and understanding as she guided me through the healing processes.
-PJ Patterson, Granstville, UT